Австралийский язык: rurosexual

Rurosexual — a fashionable young man living in a country area [from ryr(al), modelled on metrosexual ‘a man (esp. heterosexual man) whose lifestyle, spending habits and concern for personal appearance are linked to those considered typical of a fashionable, urban, homosexual man’ (Oxford English Dictionary). Occasionally used elsewhere but originally and chiefly Australian.]


The Australian press unearthed ‘rurosexuals’ (country guys who yearn for nice haircuts and fashionable jeans) (Australian [Sydney], 2003, 22 Nov., 40/4). In his first major policy announcement since becoming Opposition Leader, Barry O’Farrell has declared the term ‘rurosexual’ the official title for sensitive boys from the bush (Daily Telegraph [Sydney], 2010, 15 May, 24/3).

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